Violet Dress


Deep, velvety purples and passionate reds evoke the drama of the stage, while soft, ethereal creams and metallic tones pay homage to the elegance of the opera's leading ladies.

When the curtains rise and the models take the stage, get ready to be transported to a world full of glamor and emotion with Une Soirée à L'opéra, which adds theatrical appeal to every detail such as shiny stone embroidery, fascinating ostriches and dramatic silhouettes.We are sure that this vibrant purple velvet long dress will attract all eyes wherever you enter! The front part of the sweetheart neckline dress will dazzle. Very suitable for a wedding or prom. While it shows off the body quite beautifully with its fit form, it appears with a sexy silhouette with its low-cut chest.

The product is produced in standard mold sizes and is suitable for all body types. Dry Clean only
Model sizes:Height: 171cm  Waist:58cm Bust:83cm Hips:90cm 
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